Friday, September 24, 2010

Going on hiatus ...

No reason for this graphic except PINK is my favorite color.

I am still banded (surprise surprise!) and after my first fill there is practically still no restriction.  I guess this isn't unusual, and it may take a few more fills to have something really happening.

Anyway, I have two other blogs and I have been VERY busy with one of them especially.  It's a blog that grew into something more than a blog;  it's actually become an effective way for me to both celebrate and raise awareness about a particular breed of dogs (Welsh Corgis, which are actually two breeds), and -- this is the really ambitious (read TIME CONSUMING) thing -- put together a calendar with photos of over 200 of them in it to raise serious funds for the rehabilitation of breed rescues.

It's been exhausting, thrilling, tedious, but most of all rewarding.  I can see that it is finally going to happen, that it is going to look fantastic, and that it will be the first creative product I have ever truly conceived of, executed and published entirely on my own. 

For reasons of privacy -- I don't want to have my identity traceable through this blog and have people I don't want to know about my bariatric surgery find out about it -- I'm not giving the URL's for my other blogs here.  But if you'd like to know more about them, leave your name and contact information in a comment on this blog.

One of them is on Welsh Corgis (here and here) and the other one is all about my taste in design.  Mostly home design, but also fashion and various other things.  I love color and beautiful things and "romance" (not the Harlequin kind necessarily) and that blog is a way for me to express those things.

So -- if I don't write here for a while it's because three blogs going is too much for me -- but I will in all likelihood be back eventually ...

Take care!

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  1. Even though you prefer not to reveal your identity, it's still best to inspire people as you go along your weight loss journey.