Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Day one post-fill has gone well so far ... there really isn't a WHOLE lot more restriction, thought what is there is more noticeable than before.

I've had two protein shakes, about a half cup of split pea soup, and a 4 oz. package of Wheat Thins.  (That many Wheat Thins were a no-no, but I'm not doing this perfectly).  I haven't had nearly enough water, I'll admit, but before I go to bed in an hour or so I'll have another glass or so, and probably another protein shake. 

The major body complaint I have at this point is my aching ankle and knee, which dog me no matter what I do!  I think I'd have to rest up for a week in order to calm these hot spots down.

(Sorry, Ben Gay). 

Back at the end of April I sprained my left ankle really badly (as in torn ligaments bad), and according to the orthopedist it'll take a year to heal.  In the meanwhile, walking on it apparently isn't helping.

The problem with the right knee is simple:  I sat on my butt for years and all of a sudden I'm walking around, going up stairs, acting like Wonder Woman ain't got nuthin' on me.  A for ambition, D for execution! 

I dove right into it -- particularly the climbing stairs part -- without a second thought.  They (meaning the people on my bariatric surgery team) said to exercise as soon as possible after surgery, so I did.  Walking was the easiest, cheapest (free!) thing going, I could do it right inside my apartment building throughout this Summer's numerous heat waves, and it felt good! 

At least until my ankle and knee started screaming blue blazes.

So that's where things are at today.  I'm having to practice patience, which means I actually have to find some patience to practice with

At least I don't have to eat reindeer dumplings.  (Globe Trekker is on the telly right now, and they're exploring the cuisine of Scandinivia).

Reinder dumplings.  Just say NO!

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