Thursday, September 16, 2010

I heart housework ... NOT!

God, I am SO up a creek right now with housework. 

I live in a very small place, with basically three rooms.  (I combine the kitchen and bathroom to make a whole room, with the living room and bedroom rounding out the count).  You'd think it would be easy to keep up with the whole maintenance thing.

You'd be wrong!

There is always, always, always something more interesting to do than housework, including picking the tiniest bits of lint off my newly brought out of storage corduroys.  Way more intriguing than a Swiffer duster ... trust me.

I had a friend in last weekend to help me get some of the most important things done, and that was good.  It was a start. 

Act One.

Housework to be continued ... tomorrow.  Or the tomorrow after that.

We'll see!

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