Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bariatric TV

I've become a regular watcher of the weekly "episodes" (10 minutes and under) on bariatrictv.com. They're fun (if a little dorky sometimes) and informative.

Here's the latest one; sorry it's so HUGE but I don't know HTML and can't re-size it.

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  1. Hey Laurie,

    First off thanks so much for sharing our craziness with your readers! As for resizing the video for your site, look in the embed code for this line

    height='525' width='800'

    Change the width to match your column width for your blog. Then you can adjust the height to get rid of any black borders that may remain. Or, you can let me know what your column width is and I can do the calculation for you and give you a new embed code.

    Thanks again!