Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Supplements n' stuff.


Visited the apothecary (fancy talk for drug store, I feel fancy this morning) yesterday.  Ended up spending what would have been the week's grocery money on fiber powder, Biotin and Citracal + D petites. 

Works out fine, since all I'm buying grocery-wise this week is milk, milk and more milk!  I've got protein powder to last me 'til Groundhog Day next year, and the five cans of food I bought last week are still feeding me.  I guess that's the way it is when you eat tablespoons-full versus gigantic soup ladles-full of foods.

I'm not weighing in again 'til next Tuesday (I refuse to keep a scale in my home ... I know I'd be a "scale ho") and although I know I continue to lose weight, I have to fess up to being afraid of finding out just HOW much I've lost.

(Insert explanation here:  ___________).

One of my neighbors has started calling me "droopy pants" because my formerly tight legging type pants (black, of course) are starting to bag around the butt and belly.

I think she means it as a compliment, but damn it I am sensitive to the word "droopy".  Dippy and daffy are fine, "droopy" not so much!

Lesson #1:  I cannot control other peoples' reactions to my weight loss.


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