Thursday, August 12, 2010

The girls ain't what they used to be.

The boobs. 
The breasts. 
The basoomas. 

They are deflating!

I never had big ones to begin with.  I was probably a 34B, long before I ever started gaining some serious weight in my early twenties. Pin-up material I was not.

Yeah, I know there are trade-offs to losing major poundage, particularly when you're forty-something.  I realize that I probably won't have the means to finance a breast lift/boob job when all of this is through, unless I win the lottery or attract my own Daddy Warbucks once I've gone bombshell blonde.

(Oh yes, you BET I'm going blonde!)

Do I worry about it now?  Not too much. 

But I might soon be buying stock in the Starlight Bra company ...

Anybody else want in?


  1. I hear you on the deflation! I've gone from a 48I to a 42G. It's awesome! But, the extra skin and wrinkles aren't. Oh well. I'll live with it.

  2. I figure it was never my boobs that kept me from buckling the seat belt, anyway.