Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh crap.

Still no fire in the hole! 

Just left a message with my surgeon's office re:  whatever shall I do about the problems in the waste management division?

(In plain English:  I'm just not going, Gladys.  Not in three days, now).

Aside from the Instant Mashed Potates Incident, I have been eating and drinking nothing but protein shakes and a little bit of pureed food for the past couple of days. 

The unopened bottle of Milk of Magnesia taunts me.  "You're gonna need me, missy, just you wait and see" it hisses, in that Wicked Witch of the West tone of voice.

Did you know that you used to be able to get Milk of Magnesia in chewing gum form?

Beech-Nut's Oralgene was "the only chewing gum containing dehydrated Milk of Magnesia."

Yup, those were the good old days!

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