Saturday, August 14, 2010

Do the "mashed potato" ... or not.

According to Good Housekeeping, Americans consume a total of 66 pounds of frozen and dehydrated potatoes per person in a year.

One year I gained 66 pounds from eating potatoes.

Although it's safe to say I have eaten a lifetime's worth of potatoes in nearly every form, today I decided to do an experiment with my new stomach and some instant potatoes.

(I know.  Not too bright!)

It might've been OK if I'd had two or three tablespoons, like the dietician said.  My "experiment" involved a softball-sized portion and a side of regret. 

Potato flakes?

Not again.

p.s. I think it's a little bit ironic that the label on this can is reminiscent of the American Red Cross symbol.  Aren't they all about health and safety and such?

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